Real knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance. Confucius.

The biggest secret ever is that consciousness in its undeveloped state is not continuous. But that it can become so by the application of precise knowledge. Self Remembering or re-membering ones self by putting together the separate members in order to pursue the large self.

This is what the Sufi story of the conference of the birds represents, the birds hold a conference in which they decide to go in search of the bird of paradise or the Simurgh, later they find that the Simurgh was within them all the time guiding their steps.

Current contemporary expressions such as he/she was completely scattered or he/she was running without lights, there was nobody home give the idea of an instinctive understanding to this effect.

In order to remember oneself one can begin by thinking of a double headed arrow as P. D. Ouspensky suggests where one point is pointed inwards so the attention is aware of ones inner world of sensation, emotion, posture or movement and thought and the other head is pointed outwards towards whatever is taking place in ones environment, the attention being equally divided between each.

This is the beginning stage whereby one can shape ones thoughts in such a way as to remember to make the effort, later one can develop this into an omni-directional awareness. There are different levels of self remembering one could use the analogy of a light bulb with different amounts of electricity going through it which would determine how brightly it shone.

In the same way there can be states where one is simply aware of what one is involved with and there can be states where one is connected to ones original essence in a blissful samadhi like state where one experiences a connection with something higher. Of course self remembering or divided attention occurs to everyone mechanicaly at times, these are the aha moments or the minor satoris.

But in order to make the state occur more frequently much effort is required.

Think of trying to float a leaky ship.

Of course there are those who believe that it is occuring to everyone all the time without needing any effort at all. What do you think? If you come to the conclusion as I have that consciousness is not continuous then you might also consider that it is not enough to simply make efforts to produce it more often, to make it last longer and be more firmly established.

But that it is also necessary to consider why it has gaps, what is the mechanism involved in our losing hold of it and becoming fascinated with all sorts of other things.

How can one be relatively conscious one moment and want to remain so and then wake up much later to the fact that one lost it and got carried away.

So If one accepts the premise that there are gaps in awareness and that there are some invisible mechanisms in our psychology which are uninterested in sustaining it.

Then one can see that a two pronged attack "or even three pronged if you like" is necessary to make it continuous. On the one hand to learn how to produce it and on the other hand to learn what is antithetical to it or in other terms what are the uninterested parts of us which carry us away from it.

And I am afraid you will have to consider what the third prong might be on your own for now.

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